Nightclub Hall of Fame Kirby Bond

Kirby Bond

In October of 1989, After completing the construction of the Midnight Rodeo Nightclub in Albuquerque, NM for his parents, Clarence Bond and Ada Bond as well as his uncle Jack Mc Murrough. Kirby Bond was asked if he would consider leaving his career as a custom home contractor in Santa Fe, NM to join the new family business.

And so it began, a 25 year journey that Kirby Bond now says now says feels reminiscent of a roller coaster ride, but we know has ultimately made him of one of the most successful Owner/Operators in the Nightlife and Entertainment Industry today.

Kirby Bond’s “Trial by Fire” introduction to the nightclub industry was expedited by the mentorship of his uncle Jack Mc Murrough, who had left an upper management position with Graham Bros. Entertainment in San Antonio TX, where he had been overseeing multiple clubs since the mid 1970‘s to help with the family start up.

Kirby Bond took to the business like a duck to water, and after a few years of learning the operational and promotional side of the business he relocated to Tucson, AZ to build what would become the infamous 42,000 sq ft Wild Wild West Nightclub. It was here that he was able to apply what he had learned on the operational side of the business to the design and construction phase where he can focus on customer flow and efficiency of the staff as well as creating an environment that customers crave and still look for today!

After the successful launch of Wild Wild West in Arizona, Kirby Bond went on to create, design, build and open, an average of more than one club a year for the next 20 years, not including many remodels that were done to the various properties.

Although somewhat reserved in comparison to the majority of nightclub owner/operators (He has always believed that the person who has always wanted to own a bar probably shouldn’t!), These days Kirby Bond is focused on building smaller clubs, rather than the monsters of the past. Making sure that he remains in operational and creative control of everything he is involved in; from the inception of an exciting new concept, to the grinding boredom of daily operations, as well as having a full grasp on how everything in between should flow.

Currently has Ownership and or Operating the following;

Hooters – Tucson, AZ

Little Bit of Texas – El Paso, TX

Wild Horse Nightclub – El Paso, TX

El Paso Roadhouse – El Paso, TX

Guitars and Cadillac’s – Fort Worth, TX (Opening November 21, 2013)

Previously had Ownership and or Operated the following;

New Mexico

Midnight Rodeo – Albuquerque

Zipperz – Albuquerque

TD’s Show Club North – Albuquerque

Imbibe Cigar Bar – Albuquerque

Bedroxx / Leopard Lounge – Truth or Consequences


Rockin’ Rodeo – Bakersfield

New West / Gotham – San Bernardino


Wild Wild West – Tucson

Boardwalk – Scottsdale

Diamond Jim’s – Phoenix

Rockzilla – Phoenix

Isla Tiburon – Tucson

Screwie Louie’s – Tucson

New West / Gotham – Tucson

Bedroxx / Leopard Lounge – Tucson

PT’s Show club – Phoenix

Hooters – Tucson


Stampede – El Paso

Little Bit of Texas – El Paso

Wild Horse Nightclub – El Paso

El Paso Roadhouse – El Paso

Guitars and Cadillac’s – Fort Worth (coming soon)

In nearly 25 years of being involved in the Nightlife and Entertainment industry, Kirby Bond feels his greatest accomplishment would be the impressive number of people that have excelled, and continue to excel in the industry that evolved under his mentorship.