Nightclub Hall of Fame Peter Yordanov

Peter Yordanov

Disco-Designer Owner – Peter Yordanov

Club owner Peter Yordanov with his brand is an internationally recognized award-winning nightclub concept developer and product designer of unique lighting systems, club sound systems, lighting control software, furniture and decor specially designed for nightclubs and bars. He has a number of product design registrations and design patents.

As of 2017 Disco Designer has more than 400 complete full club design projects and more than 5000 both large and small clients worldwide that have ordered nightclub interior design products online.

With background of more than 30 years in the entertainment business, his whole life is deeply connected with the Nightclub and Disco industry. Growing up in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe, during communist times, it all started when at the age of 16 he entered the entertainment industry as a singer, performer and dancer.

They threw him out of school for missing too many classes because he was going to clubs and discos and so he was usually late for school in the mornings. But he also didn’t believe in the educational system in those times and considered going to school a complete waste of time, so he preferred to search for some alternative ways for his personal development and self education.

He started his career as a stage dancer with his team in nightclubs after the start of the capitalism times in Bulgaria.

This was the time when he saw the power of the nightclub business and also met and made friends with a lot of club owners, artists and stars from the music business of that time.

Later Peter started as a DJ in 1992. He worked in a lot of top clubs around Europe and he won several DJ competitions. He also had his own radio show aired in several radio stations.

During his numerous gigs around Europe he noticed the low quality interior environments and atmosphere in most of the clubs. Then he had a moment of epiphany about the possibility to create a new business and he devoted himself to the mission to change the nightclub world.

This was the time Peter decided to start designing Clubs and Discos, something that he have always had a feeling for. His first full design project was in his hometown Ruse, renovating a club that he used to work as a DJ and Marketing Manager before, with a capacity of 2000 people, that had just bankrupted after he went abroad, because the owners (ex-mafia guys) didn’t had any idea how to run a club in the crisis situation in the 90’s.

In 1998 Peter took the bankrupted club and started a renovation himself with the help of a small team of 10 people, fans of him from the neighbourhood, people without any knowledge in manufacturing decors or design. He started with zero knowledge about design and manufacturing, working 16 hours a day, experimenting and teaching his people. All this without the help of any professionals – there were none in Bulgaria in those times.

At first the project was financed 30% by Peter himself and later he invited an angel investor. 9 months later, in 1999, the club was ready. It was renamed to Viva 2000 and featured a mix of Egyptian style and Space style.

The project became extremely successful in Bulgaria and then people from the nightclub community started talking about it and about him – the designer. Disco Designer was born. Many of them knew Peter as a DJ too and immediately started to ask about offers for designing their clubs. In one year he turned from a DJ into the most wanted designer in the country. He completed 10 big projects in the first year alone.

The word of mouth was spreading fast and one of the nightclub owners that he previously worked for in Germany called him and asked him about a design project for one of the biggest nightclubs in Germany – Top Ten Club.

After that Peter had many projects, first in Germany and then worldwide. In 2006 he realized that there’s a huge need of innovation in the nightclub industry and he focused his efforts at developing innovative solutions which included LED lighting and software control. That was the time when he started to work on his vision to create illuminated decor made with LED lighting, plastic decor and software control.

Because of the lightness and easy shipping of the new products, this really opened new opportunities for the business and Peter’s company started to grow on the international market.

Peter and his team started participating in many international trade fairs in London, Frankfurt, Monaco – which turned the company into a very well-known brand.

In 2010 Peter opened a chain of clubs and a restaurant, called Showroom, where he experiments and tests many new products and ideas. Club Showroom was awarded Best Club of The Year in Bulgaria.

Notable clients of Disco Designer: Royal Palace Music Hall (Kirrwiller, FRANCE), Jewel (Punta Cana, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC), Top10 Club (Singen, GERMANY), Klub Pomarańcza (Łódź and Izdebnik, POLAND), Light Club (Shenzhen, CHINA), Lipz (SWEDEN), VIVA 2000 (BULGARIA) Vecchio Club (Tijuana, MÉXICO), Grupo BB (Vila Real, PORTUGAL), Sutra (London, UK), Phoenix Club (Hannover, GERMANY), ECCO Hollywood (California, USA), Ultra Club (Corbas – Lyon, FRANCE), XSensation Club (Myszyniec, POLAND), Rizz Club (Wolfsburg, GERMANY), Kino Nightclub (Mariehamn, FINLAND).